Woald - Easily embed Google Maps with driving directions, waypoints, distance measurements and costs

This script makes it easy to put a Google Map on your page with custom map styles, gradient backgrounds, custom markers, info window, a google maps creator tool, form fields for departure and destination input, images of nearby locations and more.

Woald maps is a JavaScript application that renders google maps and includes a code generator. It tries to be an all in one mapping solution that you can use for a lot of different scenarios, only limited by your imagination.

For a quick intro watch 7 quick short video tutorials

Bring more accurate, comprehensive and easy-to-use Google maps to your website in a few clicks.

Along with the simple point and click code generator included, you can add powerful interactive maps without writing a single line of code. Embed interactive google maps anywhere in your solutions.
The 15 bare essentials that you will find in this mapping solution
  1. Directions
    Directions are displayed in a panel and route is marked on map or directions can be displayed inline directly in the map.
  2. Waypoints
    Waypoints allow you to plot multiple destinations when using the directions in google maps such as when planning a trip. Your end users will be able to add more waypoints by clicking the ’+’ button to add stops to your route.
  3. Distance measurements and costs
    km/miles toggle buttons can be enabled to allow changing distance measurement optionally along with cost of distance covered per km or mile.
  4. Include form fields
    • A departure input field
      Include a rich departure input field with support for suggestions and one click current location finder. Can be labelled anything you want.
    • A destination input field
      Include a rich destination input field with support for suggestions. Can be labelled anything you want.
    • A submit button
      A submit button can be enabled to allow posting user input to server.
    • Customize by inserting custom content/fields.
  5. Enable images to rotate inside the form area
    Displays images of nearby places based on the current location displayed on the map.
  6. Custom markers for locations displayed on the map along with info window(thumbnail, title and description).
  7. Load predefined locations in dropdown lists
    This allows you to allow selecting places within your service area only.
  8. 8. Allow user to toggle options such as: avoid highways, avoid tolls, traffic and travelMode.
  9. Context menu for selecting places directly on the map without typing address.
  10. Custom map styles and gradient backgrounds for the form area.
  11. Custom event handlers exposed for distanceUpdated, directionUpdated, mapLoaded and submitButtonClicked.
  12. Enable/disable draggable markers, scroll wheel zooming on the map and context menu for selecting places directly on map.
  13. The Woald maps creator tool which allows you to quickly generate a map visually without passing parameters manually in code.
  14. 7 short video tutorials to get you started ASAP.
  15. The power to toggle options. Unleash your creativity.