Visual Composer Extensions All in One

This item put all my exist Visual Composer add-ons (51 elements, $200+ value) in one bundle for only $18, and will add more add-ons for free in the future update. All the add-ons are in a simple design and extend Visual Composer with more function. This bundle works fine with VC that installed as plugin or in a theme.

Note: This plugin requires Visual Composer Page Builder to be installed and activated on your site. Some of the 3D CSS3 transition features are only available in modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or IE10+. The HotSpot element need the frontend editor enabled to drag to update the icon’s position.

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Include 51 add-ons in this bundle (latest version 3.4.4):


After update to version 3.2.8 and Visual Composer 4.4, there is built-in Icon Picker for the Sticker, Flip Box, Cube Box, Side by Side, Separator, Material Card etc. See a Youtube video demo With this update you can add icon more intuitively and with more icon options, include: Font Awesome, Open Iconic, Typicons, Entypo, and Linecons.

Previous update: after version 3.1, you can drag the hotspot icon to update it’s position in the frontend editor, click the image to see a Youtube vide demo: demo




  • CSS3 transition.
  • 20 transitions for the circle, 15 transitions for the square.
  • Both transition support left_to_right, right_to_left, top_to_bottom and bottom_to_top.
  • Thumbnail support custom link or lightbox.
  • Retina ready, you can choose to display the thumbnail in retina.
Image Hotspot with Tooltip
  • You can customize each hotspot icon’s postion easily in the Visual Composer Frontend editor.
  • Hotspot icon support Font Awesome icon or numbers, numbers or single dot.
  • Hotspot icon (and the circle dot) support any kind of color.
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Hotspot icon support pulse animation, and can be in white, gray, red, green, blue or purple.
  • Optional open every tooltip by default when page loaded.
  • Tooltip support any kind of content, like a image or video.
  • Optional tooltip style: shadow, light, noir, punk.
  • Optional tooltip animation: grow, slide, fade, fall.
  • Optional tooltip arrow position: top, right, bottom, left, top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left.
Flip Box new
  • Optional background image on both sides.
  • Optional avatar, support circle image or icon.
  • Avatar support circle image or icon.
  • Icon support built-in Icon Picker after Visual Composer 4.4
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Avatar can be on both sides or fixed on the top.
  • Optional link for the whole element.
  • Optional link button on the back sides.
  • Smooth CSS3 flip transition.
Gradient Box new
  • Optional avatar, avatar support icon or image, icon with Visual Composer built-in Icon Picker.
  • Avatar (icon or image) can be in circle, rounded small, rounded large or square.
  • Whole box can be in square, rounded small, or rounded large.
  • Built-in gradient color style, also support customize color.
  • Content area can be align vertically center or with padding only.
  • Optional background color for the content area, help you make a gradient border looking.
  • Optional icon background.
  • Optional link for whole box.
  • Add content easily via the WordPress built-in rich text editor, help you add any HTML (like a link) easily.
  • Optional tooltip for whole box.
  • Box title align can be in left, center or right.
  • And more…
Before & After new
  • Icon Picker support after Visual Composer 4.4
  • Optional auto delay slide.
  • Unlimited icon color option.
  • Built in handle style.
  • Optional tooltip for the handle.
  • Retina, responsive.
Cube Box new
  • Optional background image on both sides.
  • Optional avatar, support circle image or icon.
  • Avatar support circle image or icon.
  • Icon support built-in Icon Picker after Visual Composer 4.4
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Optional link for the whole element.
  • Smooth CSS3 cube transition.
  • Optional images, text content, you can choose image or text to display first.
  • Optional text content color, text content background, text content padding.
  • Optional container width.
  • Images support custom link.
  • The parallax is disabled in the mobile view, keep the images and texts readable.
Draggable Timeline
  • Timeline label support Font Awesome icon, image or plain text only.
  • Icon and image can be in square, round or circle shape.
  • Auto play slideshow for the timeline.
  • Auto scrollbar support for the long content in the timeline window.
  • Retina ready.
  • Optional bar color, timeline window color style, label font color.
  • Optional drag button.
  • Optional timeline title, timeline content.
Page Transition
  • Animation in 2 modes: normal or overlay mode.
  • 58 different animations.
  • Optional overlay color.
  • Optional page in and page out animation speed.
Thumbnail with Caption
  • Thumbnails support lightbox or custom link.
  • Auto play slideshow for the thumbnails.
  • Retina ready and responsive.
  • Optional caption title, caption content and button.
  • Optional caption and button background color.
Separator with Text or Icon
  • Text or icon support link.
  • Multiple icon, you can choose to display 1~5 same icon in a separator.
  • Optional shape, border style (solid, dotted, dashed, gradient color), font color, background color, border color, font-family for the text, element width, margin of the whole separator etc.
Fullscreen Intro
  • Background can be in (repeat or no-repeat) image or solid color.
  • Optional intro text, Font Awesome icon under intro text, optional font-size, font-color, font-family, intro text position.
  • Optional click the intro text to scroll, optional element for the scorll to element, optional scroll speed, scroll offset.
  • Optional container height.
  • You can choose to display the image in Carousel or Tile mode.
  • Navigation button in Carousel support these position: bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right, top-left, top-center, and top-right.
  • Navigation button in Carousel can be one of these 3 type: default(short line), cycle, and square.
  • Navigation button in Carousel with 12 active color options available.
  • Slide animation support: slide, fade, switch, or slowdown in the Carousel mode.
  • Slide effect support: slideLeft, slideRight, slideLeftRight, slideUp, slideDown, and slideUpDown in the Tile mode.
  • Thumbnails support lightbox or custom link in both mode.
  • Auto play slideshow in both mode, you can customize the delay time in the editor.
  • Retina ready and responsive.
  • Metro UI CSS driven, include the necessary component only, keep the files lightweight.
  • You can choose to display the images in Carousel or Gallery.
  • Optional dot and arrow navigation.
  • Carousel support lightbox or custom link.
  • Retina ready, responsive.
  • Auto play slideshow.
  • Optional tooltip for the thumbnails.
  • Optional container width and max-width, align center automatically.
Zoom or Magnify (image)
  • You can choose to display the image in Zoom or Magnify mode.
  • In Zoom mode, you can choose the control bar position, container background pattern, container width etc in the backend.
  • Control bar can be in top, bottom, left, or right.
  • Zoom image can be displayed in retina.
  • In the Magnify mode, you can customize the glass radius, border size, border color, apply gray filter to the image, how to move the magnify glass(press or mouseover), customize the default position of the glass when page loaded etc.
  • Optional tabs menu title, unlimited menu color, menu background, content color, content background.
  • Tab menu support Font Awesome icon.
  • 3 available tabs style.
  • Smooth transition.
  • Retina ready.
  • Unlimited tabs item, content support any kind of content.
  • Optional auto delay rotate for the tabs.
  • Optional container width, align center automatically.
CSS3 Accordion
  • Optional accordion menu title, menu color, menu background, menu background pattern, content color, content background, font size etc.
  • 2 available accordion style.
  • Smooth CSS3 transition.
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Unlimited accordion item, accordion support any kind of content.
  • Optional border.
  • Optional container width, align center automatically.
Image with Arrow
  • Optional image, text content, content position can be in top, right, bottom or left.
  • Optional content color, content background, font size, arrow position,
  • Image can be opened as lightbox or custom link.
  • Retina and responsive.
  • Optional cover image, cover label, label color, caption when user hover.
  • Optional thumbnails when user hover, thumbnail can be opened in current view, lightbox or custom link.
  • Retina and Responsive.
  • Optional layout of the Medium Gallery, you can manually set a string of numbers to specify the number of images each row contains in the gallery.
  • Optional gallery width, gutter, title and alt for the image in the Medium Gallery.
  • Optional ribbon label, ribbon link, position, ribbon background, ribbon color, image link etc in the Ribbon add-on.
  • Retina and Responsive.
To Do List or Price Table
  • You can customize it to a to do list or price table.
  • Optional front-end only interactive for the to do list.
  • Font Awesome icon 4.2, optional color for each icon.
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Optional header text, color, background, background pattern.
  • Unlimited item list.
  • Optional label divider inside the list.
  • Optional button under the item list.
  • Optional divide each item with background or border.
Figure Navigation
  • Optional figure label, background, color, border color, title, description and font size etc.
  • Support other VC shortcode, for example you can put the VC buttons inside the content.
  • Optional background image for each block, you can choose the image repeat or not.
  • Optional header image and image size.
  • Retina, you can choose to display the header image in retina or not.
  • Optional block height, block background.
  • Optional display which block by default.
  • Optional image, optional image size, image border, optional retina image.
  • Optional tooltip for each image.
  • Optional ease in and ease out animation.
  • Retina and responsive.
  • Optional arrow navigation, optional arrow color (white/black).
  • Optional container height, container background.
  • Optional auto delay slideshow, and the delay second.
  • Optional avatar, optional avatar size and CSS margin, optional retina avatar, optional link for each avatar.
  • Optional testimonial number to be displayed by default.
  • Optional testimonial width, background and text color, font-family, font-style and font-size.
  • Optional auto play and the slideshow delay second.
  • Optional infinite loop for the carousel.
  • Font Awesome icon support.
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Optional icon size, color, position.
  • Responsive grid.
  • Optional thumbnail width, thumbnail padding, container offset, minWidth of the lightbox image.
  • Thumbnail support lightbox, custom link, thumbnail image can be in retina.
Scrolling Notification
  • CSS3 transition (driven by animate.css, with 20+ transition options) for the popup notification.
  • Optional popup window background, text color, width and margin top.
  • Notification can be in any position of the page, for example, upper left, upper right, bottom left, bottom right etc.
  • Multiple notification, you can add a unique notification for each post or page.
  • Optional opacity, position, color, animation style and cookie feature for the notification.
  • 3D hover effect.
  • Optional gallery width, thumbnail width, thumbnail margin, caption (thumbnail title and description).
  • Optional caption color, caption background, opacity.
  • Thumbnail support lightbox, custom link, thumbnail image can be in retina.
  • CSS3 3D effect for the thumbnails.
  • Optional thumbnail width, height, container offset, tooltip.
  • Thumbnail support lightbox or custom link.
  • Optional gradient background.
  • Optional retina thumbnail.
Font Awesome Animation
  • Support all Font Awesome icon.
  • Optional icon size, icon animation, icon color, icon float.
And more..

Included Depth Modal, Profile Card, Fluidbox, Ribbon, Animate Button 01 etc, which are all in simple design, and help you to add an eye catching effect to your site.

Update log

Dec 17, 2015 - version 3.4.4 - New: add new element, Testimonial List, help you to add testimonial list with auto delay scroll to view slideshow - Fixed: play button can't click in the Video Cover element's popup lightbox - Some other small fix.
Dec 1, 2015 - version 3.4.3 - New: add new element, Color Block, help you to add an image besides a color block with text - Fixed: broken link of the Draggable Timeline content in the small screen device
Nov 21, 2015 - version - Fixed: a little bug introduced by the new element (The Carousel Gallery may not display properly)
Nov 15, 2015 - version 3.4.2 - New: add new element, Cover Slider, help you to add image covers with caption easily - Improvement: add alt attribute to the image in iHover element
Oct 14, 2015 - version - Improvement: compatible with upcoming Visual Composer 4.8
Oct 6, 2015 - version - Improvement: add option for displaying which tooltip when page is loaded in the HotSpot element, HotSpot element (dragging icon in front editor) compatible with latest Visual Composer 4.7+ - Improvement: add option for not resize the images in the Carousel element (fixed the problem that some server not compatible with the image resizing)
Sep 4, 2015 - version 3.4.1 - New: add new element, Avatar with Popup, help you to add tooltip content easily - Improvement: add start number option for the number icon in the HotSpot element
Aug 25, 2015 - version 3.4.0 - Fixed: each link for the icon may not working in Profile Card - Fixed: avatar image may not displayed in Flip Box and Cube Box - Improvement: drag icon to update position feature (in Front Editor) in HotSpot now compatible with VC 4.7
Jun 30, 2015 - version 3.3.9 - New: add new element, Vector Card (Card with diagonal) - Improvement: make all elements compatible with upcoming Visual Composer 4.6 - fixed: Title size not working in Cube Box - fixed: Images may not displayed in the Thumbnail Caption element
May 31, 2015 - version 3.3.8 - New: add new element, Gradient Box (Content with image or icon)
May 16, 2015 - version 3.3.7 - New: add new element, Video Cover (lightbox YouTube or Vimeo video) - New: add new element, Stack Block (Place any content inside it) - Improvement: add alt attribute to the image in the Carousel Gallery element - Improvement: remove the mistake typing effect, add stop typing at the end option in the Type Writer element - fixed: popup content overflow may not hidden in Draggable Timeline
Apr 28, 2015 - version 3.3.6 - Fixed: layout before all images are loaded option not working properly(images stacked) in Masonry Gallery. - Improvement: add full size background image option for the Flip Box and Cube Box - Improvement: add display all tooltips by default option for HotSpot element. - Other: remove blank [accordiondesc] in Image Accordion, update icon font size from 48px to 32 px in Profile Panel.
Apr 11, 2015 - version 3.3.5 - New: add new element, Profile Panel (with avatar and text) - Improvement: Add arrow size option, element shape option to the Image with Arrow element. Make the text align center in the element.
Apr 3, 2015 - version 3.3.4 - New: add new element, Image Accordion - Fixed: arrow missing in Stack Gallery - Improvement: image resize option of Image with Arrow element and Compare Slider element, you can use the original image now if your server doesn't work properly with image resize function
Mar 27, 2015 - version 3.3.3 - New: Add new element, Image Overlay 2 - Fixed: Before After add-on dragging function may drag other element in same page - Fixed: Carouse & Gallery add-on arrow jump when clicking on it - Updated: Font Awesome update to 4.3 - Updated: Compare Slider backend icon - Improvement: add speed, cover ratio option to the Parallax
Mar 12, 2015 - version 3.3.2 - New: Compare Slider (Image slider with menu navigation under) - Fixed: Update some description and fix wp_enqueue_script etc
Mar 09, 2015 - version 3.3.1 - New: Before & After (a image comparison slider) - Added: add position option(fixed or absolute) for the Depth Modal, the absolute position support long content in small screen - Improvement: update the tooltipster tooltip js file in App Mockup, Stack Gallery, Side by Side to the minified one.
Feb 28, 2015 - version 3.3.0 - New: Banner Block - Improvement: update (image and ribbon) link to VC built-in link for the Ribbon element (note: you may have to update the exist link due to the API change) - Improvement: text color, container background color, margin-top option for the Ribbon element - Improvement: add Extra class name option for the Flip Box - Fixed: Testimonial Carousel default setup not display properly (stacked)
Feb 08, 2015 - version 3.2.9 - Introduce new element: Flip Box - Fix extra class for the container of FullScreen Intro element - Fix some typo
Jan 25, 2015 - version 3.2.8 - Add Icon Picker for the Sticker, Cube Box, Side by Side, Separator, Material Card (available after Visual Composer version 4.4), now you can add icon more intuitively. Note, you may have to re-add the icon in some element due to the code change, other data will be safe. - Icon Library (for the Icon Picker) included: Font Awesome, Open Iconic, Typicons, Entypo, and Linecons. So there are more icon options after this update. - Introduce new element: Image Overlay (include Icon Picker too). - Fix some compatibility with VC 4.4.
Jan 16, 2015 - version 3.2.7 - Introduce new element: Type Writer - Introduce new element: Sticker - Fix popup video not stop when close the modal in Depth Modal element - Fix the add-on icons doesn't display properly in Visual Composer 4.4 - Remove duplicate code, update description etc
Jan 7, 2015 - version 3.2.6 - Introduce new element: Side by Side - Remove the default tooltip content in the Carousel & Gallery element
Dec 26, 2014 - version 3.2.5 - Introduce new element: Cube Box - Update some icons of the add-on in the backend
Dec 18, 2014 - version 3.2.4 - Introduce new element: (Google Style) Material Card - Fix some typo - Fix return to the top when click a Depth Modal button
Dec 5, 2014 - version 3.2.3 - Introduce new element: Separator with Icon - Update retina icons for each element in the admin backend - Fix Tab content unexpected string with the content start with HTML tag - Fix Stack Gallery no tooltip option not working
29.11.2014 - version 3.2.2 - Fix HotSpot number or FA icon may be align vertical middle in some theme - Fix Accordion content unexpected string with the content start with HTML tag
27.11.2014 - version 3.2.1 - Add different icon for each add-on in the backend
26.11.2014 - version 3.2 - Add new options to the HotSpot add-on: now the hotspot icon can be in numbers or Font Awesome icon - Update the HotSpot, Tabs, Accordion wrap tag, make it more compatible with other shortcode - Add new option to the Accordion, now you can choose to display first accordion by default - Add new display option to the Scroll Notification, now you can choose to display the notification by default, hidden when user scrolling. Fix the auto delay second in the setting too.
18.11.2014 - version 3.1 - Update the HotSpot add-on: now you can drag icon to update it's position in the frontend editor (see it from Youtube demo above)
15.11.2014 - version 3.0 - Add new add-on to the bundle: Page Transition (58 different animations) - Fix special character error in the hotspot tooltip
10.11.2014 - version 2.9 - Add new add-on to the bundle: Fullscreen Intro (help you to add a 'scroll to view' header
06.11.2014 - version 2.8 - Add new add-on to the bundle: Thumbnail with Caption - Remove add-on from bundle: Animate Text (Users do not use it often) - Increase the z-index of the lightbox, now it will overlay the menu in most of the themes. - Fix some color, position issue in some add-ons
25.10.2014 - version 2.7
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Draggable Timeline
16.10.2014 - version 2.6
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Metro Carousel and Tile (with slideshow and lightbox)
10.10.2014 - version 2.5
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Zoom or Magnify (let user view more image details)
05.10.2014 - version 2.4
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Carousel & Gallery
25.09.2014 - version 2.3.1
- Add Font Awesome icon support for the tab menu
23.09.2014 - version 2.3
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Tabs
- Update the DA Gallery, compatible with VC 4.3.
14.09.2014 - version 2.2
- Add new add-on to the bundle: CSS3 Accordion
- Update the Testimonial Carousel, compatible with VC 4.3
06.09.2014 - version 2.1.1
- Add pulse animation, hotspot circle dot color option for the hotspot icon in the Image Hotspot add-on.
04.09.2014 - version 2.1
- Add new add-on to the bundle: To Do List (or Price Table)
- Update Font Awesome to 4.2 - Fix some typo error.
Aug 28 2014 - version 2.0
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Image Hotspot with Tooltip
- Update the add-on icon in the admin area, add description for each add-on.
Aug 22 2014 - version 1.9
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Animate Button 01
- Update the icon in the backend editor, add description for each add-on.
Aug 19 2014 - version 1.8
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Parallax
- Add a container width option in the iHover backend, help you to control the thumbnails position in the column.
Aug 12 2014 - version 1.7
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Image with Arrow
Aug 5 2014 - version 1.6
- Add new add-on to the bundle: Product Cover Gallery
July 15 2014 - version 1.5.1
- Fix the layout number does not work in Medium Gallery. You can overwrite the vc-extensions-cqbundle.php, mediumgallery/vc-extensions-mediumgallery.php and mediumgallery/js/init.min.js files only to get this update.
July 10 2014 - version 1.5
- Add a responsive and retina Medium Gallery and Ribbon extension.
Jun 18 2014 - version 1.3, add 2 more extensions
- Add Figure Navigation extension, you can use it as a price table.
- Add Animate Text extension, you can use it as notification label.
Jun 7 2014 - version 1.2
- Add Stack Gallery extension
- Make it compatible with Visual Composer which is installed within a theme, it'll work directly after activating. You do not have to copy the line of code anymore.
May 26 2014 - version 1.1
- Add Testimonial Carousel extension, now there are 10 extensions in the package
- Update Font Awesome to 4.1
- Make all extensions compatible with WP_DEBUG set to true, fix the warning in the WordPress debug mode
- Fix a bug may cause the editor in the backend is not clickable