Ultimate Meme Script:

Description: Ultimate Meme Script is an online viral media Script which lets you upload gags and share it on social media netowrks. The script comes with meme maker along with 700+ blank meme templates (ability to add more)

Ultimate Meme Script was developed using Laravel and Bootstrap which allows administrator to escalate the application as his desire using this frameworks.


  • Easy to Install
  • Meme Upload
  • Top users Scoreboard
  • User profiles
  • User Follow system
  • 2-Level Commenting system
  • Social Network Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google)
  • Automatic Watermark (Image or Text)
  • Meme maker
  • Pre-Load GIFs
  • Add Tags to posts (Ajax Based)
  • Pie-Chart maker
  • Demotivational poster maker
  • Poweful Admin dashboard
  • 100% Responsive Design

Post with Tags(Ajax Based)

Rank based Scoreboard

700+ Blank Meme Templates

2-Level Comment System

100% Responsive Design

Meme Maker

Pie-Chart Maker

Demotivational Maker

Pre-Load GIFs

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Script Requires:

  • Operating System : Linux
  • Web Server : Apache
  • PHP Version: 5.4+
  • PHP Allow_URL_Fopen ON
  • PHP FileInfo Module Enabled
  • PDO extension
  • PHP GD Extension
  • PHP CURL Enabled
  • Mod_Rewrite Module Enabled
  • Mysql 5.x

Admin Dashboard

Admin Demo
Username: admin
Password: password

Changelog Version 1.2 Dec 2, 2015

–Works with PHP v5.4
–Fixed Piechart’s remove slice bug
–Fixed Facebook share and likes count bug
–Fixed Twitter Login bug
–Fixed ReCaptcha validation bug
–Added “create post” to post meme generators

Changelog Version 1.3 Dec 16, 2015

–Fixed posts ranking algorithm
–Fixed Meme searchbox width on mobile
–Fixed Google analytics implementation