Reddit Aggregator

Build your own content based on reddit platform

As you know, now reddit is a biggest community for sharing contents. With more than 600k subreddits, 100 million posts, thousands short posts are shared every day. You can check these information at

And now, you have an incredible tool to build your own website with the basic based on contents of reddit.

You can easily create an funny website such as 9gag (like what I built: or a news website, sport website, daily tips website as well as nsfw content website, etc. There are hundreds of other types of websites for users.

Reddit is a too big platform with a lot of contents that users can experience as they wish, now your own website will be a specific website that concentrate to particular content for users.

In comparison with RSS tool, Reddit Aggregator is extremely better than because media contents are easily to take (images, videos…)

Check what you have on Reddit Aggregator:

Website Demo:
Admin panel: (

1) Beautiful sitemap:

2) Friendly Mobile:

3) Full api to help you build mobile app.

- Home Api:
- Category Api:
- Detail Api:

4) Post content on Facebook fanpage automatically:

5) Get Reddit Content by Cronjob (please check document).

6) Support get image, youtube, vimeo, vine … content.

7) Easily build viral niche content. Example: Sport channel, News channel, Funny content channel (like 9gag).

8) Full social sharing content.

9) One click to install.

10) Support advertisment.

11) Full powered admin panel.

12) Modern framework Laravel.

13) SEO friendly.

14) Save you a lot of diskspace and bandwidth.
- I just spent 17MB for 71k records
- All image, video links store by provider hosting.

Observations is the best teacher, check it now at
And fanpage auto post:

Version 1.3:
- Implement search
- Fix some minor bugs
- Included dump database
Version 1.2:
- Fix some minor bugs
Version 1.1:
- Fix category management
- Fix grab vimeo content
Version 1.0:
- Upload source code.