QR Codes Ultimate Generator

This application enables you generate QR Code images and URLs that you can print out or use in your own website or application. QR Codes can support different types including links, phone numbers, email messages, vCards data and geographic locations.

This application includes a user friendly interface enabling your visitors to create their own QR Codes. They also have the ability to customize the size of the generated images, and the encoding they want to use.

Check out the demo of the QR Codes Generator.


- Generates QR Code Images and Urls
- 10+ possible types (email, phone, vCard, location etc).
- User friendly interface to create QR Codes.
- Url shortener capability
- Ability to download the generated image
- Powered by jQuery
- Possible customizations (image size and encoding)
- Based on the Google’s Infographics API


13 August 2011
- More fields have been added for the vCard and meCard QrCodes.
- New QR Codes supported: bookmark and Wireless.

10 August 2011
- Ability to customize the level of error correction.
- Ability to download the generated QR Code image
- Social icons integration for easy sharing of your generated QR Code.

8 August 2011
- Added a Url shortener service.

WordPress version available

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