PulsePro Vote Component with Unvote Choice

PulsePro is a PHP voting component that lets users vote/unvote on items on your website. It is surprisingly easy to integrate with any website. The system requirements are minimal — you only need PHP 5 .2 and MySQL. Whether you have an existing site or you’re building a web-application from scratch, PulsePro can be integrated in moments. Unlike other voting components, what makes PulsePro stand out is that it lets users unvote (or cancel vote) — just like YouTube or Reddit or StackOverflow among many other web-applications.

Here are some of its features:

  • Easy to install.
  • Secure and XSS -proof.
  • Five different styles to match your web-application.
  • Prevents multiple voting.
  • Cross-browser compliant.
  • Admin Panel lists top 5 most voted items.
  • Ban IP from voting.
  • Disable voting on certain items.
  • If you don’t want votes to start from zero, you can even set an initial vote-count.
DemoAdmin Demo (UN and Pass: admin)

What buyers say…

by far the best voting system in codecanyon! Very satisfied :D
Great job… Very simple to add but very good stuff :-)
Great File… great support!
Looks good, looking forward to implement this on my website.
Love the look/feel — great job!

Why PulsePro

If you have a web-site or web-application, you may want to let your readers/users vote on items. Not only that, you may want to check how your posts/items are performing, which are the most popular ones, which are the least. The admin area that comes with this component is perfect for this purpose. If some items are performing bad, you know where to improve. In short, PulsePro lets you check the pulse of your application!


If you have a query or need any clarifications, please use the comment section or shoot me a mail, in order to avoid mismatched expectations. Thanks!


24 July, 2011 (v1)
—Initial Release

15 August, 2011 (v1.1)
—Addition of Admin Panel.
—Ability to ban IP addresses.
—Ability to disable voting on items.
—Minor changes in documentation.

07 November, 2011 (v1.2)
—Improved Admin Panel
—Ability to set initial vote-count.
—Better vote-result handling (Show 1.2k instead of 1200, etc.)