Medians multi-media script

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Short brief about Medians:

Medians script is Multimedia PHP script for uploading your [Videos, Photos, Music] from pc or you can grab them from the most popular site like and here are some of what you can do with Medians

  • Grab single video from YouTube
  • Grab channels videos from YouTube
  • Grab Single track from SoundCloud
  • Grab Playlist tracks from SoundCloud
  • Grab User tracks from SoundCloud


  • Full ajax
  • Channels / Members system
  • Chat system
  • Uploading files
  • Grabbing from YouTube or SoundCloud
  • SEO ready
  • Template engine to create your own theme
  • Multi-language
  • Grab single video / channels videos from YouTube
  • Grab Single track / Playlist tracks / User tracks from SoundCloud
  • Search system
  • Following system
  • Likes / Comments system
  • Private videos for members only
  • ADS System
  • Multi Administrators
  • Quick player
  • Fully Responsive
  • Awesome design

Discover more as user :

Demo user panel

Username: testuser

Password: testuser

Demo admin panel

Admin panel

Username: testadmin

Password: testadmin

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  • PHP 5.3 +
  • MYSQL 5.x
  • mod_rewrite enabled
  • YouTube API key
  • SoundCloud API key