New version created 11 set 2011

Qr Code is type of Barcode that you use on your website. This type of barcode you can read by mobile phones like iphone or all with Android system (youtube link with example of use : ). Inside you can insert some information like link ,text, email address, phone number ,contact information and more ,this message we read by your phone. Normally you to create this you can use google chart but the syntax use terrible this class create link for you in easy way you pass only some information and you get correct link for google chart
This class is :
- Useful for any PHP website
- Cross-browser compatible
- simple to use (2 line of code)
- detailed documentation included
- PHP examples file included (example folder)
- You can create 10 Basic QrCodes and 28 New QrCode
-Use Google Api to create QrCode link

Basic QR code

Text to Qrcode
Email to Qrcode
Geo Location to Qrcode
SMS to Qrcode
MMS to Qrcode
Phone number to Qrcode
URL Bookmark to Qrcode
Contact (meCard) to Qrcode
Contact (vCard) to Qrcode
WiFi to Qrcode

New Qr Codes (26)

Paypal buttons link to Qrcode
Youtube Channel link to Qrcode
Youtube Video link to Qrcode
gplus user profile link to Qrcode
gplus about link to Qrcode
gplus photos link to Qrcode
gplus video link to Qrcode
gplus buzz link to Qrcode
Facebook Profile Info link to Qrcode
Twitter Info link to Qrcode
Envato User link to Qrcode
Envato User Edit link to Qrcode
Envato User Downloads link to Qrcode
Envato User link History
Envato User link Withdrawal
Envato User link Earnings
Envato User link Statement
Envato Item Page link
Envato Item Faq Page link
Envato Item Comments Page link
Envato Item Edit Page link
Alexa Info link
Whois Info link
Compete Info link
Quantcast Info link
Histats Info link


Text Encoding
Image Size
Text or Image
Margin Size
Correction Level
Transparency Level
Margin Background color

EXAMPLE of use

$myClass1 = new QrCodes;

echo $myClass1 -> GetCode(“Text or link that you want to change”);

Download adn use free generator for you

On page I created free generator that use fancy layout , jquery that you can use on your page . Demoversion has only in qrcode.php one method to get full vorking code you must buy this item and overwrite qrcode file

Demo page is not incudet in zip file buy you can downlod it for free from